Six Secrets of Change by Michael Fullan (Book Study)

October 10, 2008

3:00 p.m.
Presented by:Jim Knight, KUCRL

Our first book is Michael Fullan’s Six Secrets of Change.

From Publishers Weekly:

Fullan (Leading in a Culture of Change) argues that the world is too complex for any theory to possess unassailable certainty, and leaders should shy away from relying on a single blueprint for success. Instead, good leaders should use theories of action to guide their decisions, but remain open to new data that may direct further action. Fullan advocates adopting theories that travel—practical insights that travel across sectors, geography and culturally diverse situations and point to actions likely to be effective given the circumstances. To help managers navigate change, Fullan share six secrets designed to help with large-scale reform: Love Your Employees, Connect Peers with Purpose, Capacity Building Prevails, Learning Is the Work, Transparency Rules and Systems Learn, and provides guidelines for making these secrets work. Although the six secrets are hardly radically new ideas and are presented as a bit of a panacea, Fullan’s practical guide is a lucid and encouraging book, likely to appeal to and assist managers at all levels.

Download the Book Study notes (.doc)

The video below is Michael Fullan presenting his 6 Secrets of Change at the 2008 SIM Conference on July 17, 2008.