The Jagged Line in Our Understanding of Cognitive Strategy Development and Instruction

February 12, 2009

11:00 A.M.
Presented by:Mark W. Conley, University of Memphis

When we try to connect the dots of what we know about cognitive strategy use across ages, the result is often a jagged, if not disconnected, line. Dr. Conley, drawing on work that spans elementary to adult learners, will illustrate that, with regard to cognitive strategy development and instruction, context matters a great deal. Contrary to current educational policies that seem to emphasize one instructional approach for all, Dr. Conley will make a case for a more complex approach that acknowledges the changing demands learners encounter as they move from school to workplace and become thriving members of their communities.
Mark W. Conley is a Professor at the University of Memphis, having spent 21 years at Michigan State University. He specializes in literacy, teacher education and applied research in urban school contexts. He investigates connections between literacy and subject matter in teacher preparation. More recently, he has been collaborating with the Memphis City School District to develop a program using college age tutors to provide cognitive strategy instruction for young children.

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