Disability and Health in Rural Tanzania (Noelle Kurth, University of Kansas)

May 24, 2011

Noon-1 p.m.
Presented by:Noelle Kurth, KUCRL Division of Adult Studies
520 JRP

In the Southern Highlands district of Mufindi in Tanzania, people oftentimes have to walk 20 miles or more to receive needed medical care. The very rural and mountainous nature of the district combined with a lack of infrastructure makes it difficult for health care professionals to reach those in need, especially people with disabilities. With an HIV/AIDS prevalence rate currently nearing 40 percent in some areas of the district, disabling conditions associated with the disease continue to rise. Although local villages do all they can to care for the sickest of the sick, inability to care for and extend services to all in need is inevitable. In an effort to improve the lives of those living in Mufindi, a Tanzania-based non-governmental organization (NGO), Foxes’ NGO, was established in 2005. Foxes’ NGO (www.foxesngo.org) approaches its work holistically, providing services and support in three main areas—education, health, and care for orphaned children. As a Foxes’ volunteer last August and September, CRL researcher Noelle Kurth worked with children and adults with disabilities in Mufindi. Noelle will talk about her experiences and the work being done in Mufindi during this CRL Learns session. The coordinators of Foxes’ NGO’s projects, Jenny Peck and Geoff Knight, also will be on hand to provide information and answer questions.